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April 11, 2019

My first Road Trip : 17 y-old

To camp. When I was child, I went camping with my parents. I have wonderful memories. Fishing with dad, bike rides, buoys behind the boat, barbecue grill and adults playing « pétanque ». We were always going to the same campground and it was awesome. And then life happens, years go by, there’s no more « daddy mom »; now it’s dad AND mom. Anyway, I’m getting older and I don’t want to spend my holidays with them anymore.

A succession of meetings made me discover people who have the same taste of camping as me, but in a rather different way. Here I am, in the back of a car, heading to the unknown with the very minimum. My first Road Trip : 17 y-old. No need to go far to discover pretty things. France is a really beautiful place and as a first country to visit, it really kick asses. Before traveling tons of km, it’s enough to look around yourself.

I have the soul of an explorer

Ever since, it has become my way out and my deep purpose in life. Discovering the world. I’m curious to see, feel and touch. And yes, I’m a conqueror … But a harmless conqueror for myself only. I try to leave as often as possible. Not necessarily far or for long, but long enough to fill myself up with energy. I take this opportunity to immortalize the things I see and feel with my camera.

When I stay in Paris for too long, I feel like I’m in a video game and I lose lives. I grew up in the countryside. My parents had sheeps and chickens, and for a while I wanted to run away from it all. Oh yes, when we are 15 we want to discover the “pleasures” of the city. I even considered the countryside old fashioned.

Shame on me. Nobody guided me at that moment. My body brought me back to reason. It made the decision. No matter how much you want to control him and pretend to lead him, he has the last word. And most of the times, the unconsciousness understands way earlier what the body shows us too late. Bam! My health told me : “Hi girl, would you like to stop doing shit and return to the nature please ? Oh yes, and if you don’t want to, I won’t give you a choice anyway. So ? » 

So I had no choice and a few years later, I was grateful. My little body made me realize that I was not made to destroy myself, but on the contrary to try to live as much as possible! I thank him every day for that.

It’s like living on a disco ball

I think it’s necessary to get out there and discover what is happening around us. Traveling allows us to enlarge our vision of the world. How is it possible to build an opinion of what is happening around us without going out and see for ourselves ? Traveling makes us grow.

I’m fascinated by the diversity of cultures and landscapes that exist on our planet. It’s like living on a disco ball and I think it’s wonderful. Just thinking about it makes me want to redo my bag! I have the soul of an explorer and I love it more than anything.

True freedom

For a long time now, I want to buy a van. I even did my driving license, only for that. But buying a van now, where I live, isn’t a great idea. So no problem, I rent ! I have never been a fan of staying in the same place for too long. When I go around, I want to go even further! Traveling this way is what suits me best. True freedom. For a long time, I dreamt about being independent. Now I am. Only small detail : if you rent a van in France, you can drive it only after two years of practice. Too bad… Michel is driving it ! Even if I really want to drive, it does not take away the happiness I have being aboard TOMY – the name of my dog ​​when I was 7. 

RIP Tomy. You are still alive.

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Believe it or not, Michel and I argue about which road to take, where to stop … And yes, traveling like that also requires improving communication. It’s more than a trip, it’s a way of discovering oneself, the other and the world.

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I know that not everyone’s wallet allow us to travel the same way. But before you can do it, just look around. We managed to put our bikes on the subway to go an hour away from Paris, in the forest of Rambouillet. This kind of escape works. Even if trips on the other side of the planet make us dream, start by discovering around your house. Not necessarily far, but more often. And especially, try to look at the landscape around you as if it were the first time. 

We only have one life and it passes so quickly.



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