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April 11, 2019

There is nothing good about keeping everything to yourself. It’s nice to put on paper what you cannot touch and that passes by so quickly in our head. Hundreds of thoughts parasitize our brain every minute. How to live with it… There are many solutions to calm these monologues but first, I would like to talk to you about writing.

We feel good alone

It’s strange to say that we are over 7 billion people on the planet and that we feel good alone. The permanent fear of judgment locks us up every day a little more. But this is not the right move in order to free ourselves from those thoughts that we believe are true and justified. To start opening yourself up, it is not easy to confess to someone. So you can write.

It’s not feminine to have a diary. Several men, even important ones, have one. You don’t have to be good at spelling or writing beautifully, it’s your journal. You can tell him the worst things, throw your thoughts on him, he’ll never tell you anything. And my god, how good it feels to be able to clear your brain. I think it’s necessary to take out what’s wrong before it gets too important.

It’s an everyday process to get a “better” thinking. And you’ll have to mix things up in order to make it work. I often compare this to learning an instrument. We don’t become professional in a few weeks but after many years of practice. It takes discipline. Then, we perfect ourselves. This is not the only way to get away from these thoughts, but it is in my top 5.

Take the time

Take the time during the day to stop for a few minutes and write down what comes to your mind. Don’t think about the form, the punctuation; drop all the words that come to you at this moment. When I did it, I noticed the calm that invaded me once I finished writing. I was empty. Try to read yourself again and tell you it is another person who wrote it. Try to comfort her, find the words that could cheer her up.

Everywhere with you.

THE MOST IMPORTANT : write when you’re ok. You must take into consideration when you are well! I like to think that the moral is like a cold : we are annoyed when we are not going well, but we never think of thanking our little nose when he is well.

Find a notebook that looks like you, not too big to carry it everywhere with you.


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