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April 25, 2019

Choose the right words, those who will resonate as I hope they should. An infinite possibility of sentences is offered to me but I must get as close as possible to my truth. I’m not here to point out the bad guys but rather to show a path full of optimistic possibilities. In a world where everyone exposes themselves trying to embellish the truth, for many years I have also put my life on social networks and yet, I am sure that no one noticed my flaws… If today I keep doing it, it is with different motivations. The urgency is to share and support. The pain and loneliness that I observe on a daily basis around me is becoming too intense to not do something about it, at my level.


Without really noticing it, I assisted at the degeneration of the human species and the worst is, that I even almost participated to it.

When I let my brain discuss with me and analyze what surrounds me, here is my conclusion : The human being has created these problems all alone. Explanation. I surely observe, naively but with conviction, an accumulation of desires. For hundreds of years, a full range of useful and useless creations that brings us to this big « anything ».

It would be unfair and inadequate to look only over the past 100 years to build an opinion and blame the previous generation. We must go much further : observe the conquests, the evolution of beliefs, the desire to always want more than your neighbor, kingdoms, peasants .. in order to understand what is happening today. It is necessary to know where you come from to find your place. Don’t limit it to your family tree. If you are under 30 years old and you feel abandoned for your future : do not feel guilty anymore.

Western people have always wanted to discover what surrounds them. They have a visceral need of “always wanting more”, to conquer, to invent, to compare, to test .. and over the years, the intensity of this will have been pushed to the maximum. We are coming to an end. The Human has used the planet with his desire to conquer. Today, when you think of a discovery, you can be sure that someone has already thought about it. Everything exists. If this is not the case yet, someone is probably thinking about it right now.

We have become assisted because other people before us dreamt about making everyday easier. We were matrixed on our request. We created this world in which we live in, with this functioning that we do not want anymore. But like with every other changes, it is not done over 15 days and there are several groups of people who have different ways of thinking. There are those who want to get back to basics. Those who do not want to get too much wet because their lives are comfortable as it is. Those who do not ask questions. Those who do not understand and those who have no interest in theses changes. Big mess.

Don’t be naive anymore, people going well don’t benefit to the « Power ». So why going well ? If you understand how it works, you can free yourself from it all. So you’re OK. And if you go better, you do not consume the same way. You know that happiness does not come from outside. You’re not going to buy a lot of things thinking that, when you get it, it’ll be better. You finally have time to connect with what makes sense.

Of course your thoughts and your health are going to thank you, so you will not need to consume medicine anymore = you bring less money to the system. (I’m trying to make it more simple) Nobody needs the last phone or a car with all options. Of course in order to get them, you’ll have to earn even more money and you will kill yourself at work and lose your health .. Blablabla. Running in circle.

If people go wrong and so does the planet, it’s because we consume material things, having forgotten the meaning of life. Or probably because many of us never understood it. INFO OF THE DAY: we will all die. And in the grave, there are no dressing room or a place for your car. We all end up exactly the same. Let’s try not to forget about it while we’re alive. Put things back in their context. Take a walk in the catacombs of Paris, you’ll see how weird it is to see so closely in what state we will all end up. I am not saying that we must stop all consumption, I am talking about abuse and letting our ego making all the decisions. Everything in life is a matter of choice. We are not responsible for what can happen to us but we are responsible for the decisions we make.

So, after having gone the wrong path in my life, because no one explained me the good from evil, I took a tornado in my face and only then, I understood it all. And I do not want that other people become aware of it all by crossing this « black hole ».

If you didn’t have the chance to have parents who understood it before you and had the patience to share it with you, you’ll probably end up on your own. And it is not obvious to be positive .. So this little blog is for you. I will try to talk to you about what is cool in order to feel more free. And what I try to do in my daily life.

While the planet is blowing up in our faces, the media matrixing us, the social networks complexing us, the politicians fucking us up … There is still hope, I promise.

Let’s become what we are : Human.


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